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Types of Bathroom Fans We Manufacture


Only fans

Suitable for contractors, wholesalers, etc. ABS material grille, popular design, easy install and clean. Basic model to start your business. Able to put your logo on.


Fans with LED light

An increasingly popular trend among NA users. Combing illumination and ventilation, save the room. To sellers, able to sell one commodity with higher end. Decorative LED light makes your room luxurious and beautiful. All kinds of panels for choice. Square and round, thin and thick, rim and rimless, dimmable and undimmable.



Humidity & Motion Sensing Fans

Valuable models, make you outstanding in the market. Compared with Panasonic and other brands, much lower price but the same performance and high end. Meanwhile, Wintek offers a humidity sensor, and motion sensor switch to install separately. 

Voice Control Fans

The first conception in the industry. Control the fan and light by voice. Reduce the safety risk to touch the switch with a wet hand. More instruction is able to customize. High tech but the low price.



Why Choose Our Bath Fans

High cost-effective rate

Wintek ventilation fans are much more competitive in the market, with a high cost-effective rate to make you benefit greatly. They have brilliant performance, covering from 50CFM to 130CFM. They operate silently. The noise level is super advanced than the average level. We offer three housing for choice, from slim housing to tall housing, to meet all your requirement. All our basic models are sold at 10-20USD, and LED light models are 20-30USD.

Best quality and service

All Wintek exhaust fans are ETL certified and Energy Star, HVI standard. They have been supplying to customers in Home Depot, Amazon, Walmart and medium wholesalers, and contractors in the NA market for years. Our quality and after-sale service are well-recognized by our customers. As the first factory to adopt a Fine Production System in this industry, we ensure our products are high-quality and have no complaints. We offer a 1-year warranty but our products are used for 3 years in normal. We think highly of the feedback from our customers and take good care of their requirements.


Wintek never stops his pace to innovate his technology. So far, humidity sensors, motion sensors, time delays, LED lights and voice control are available. Some of them are even all new in the market. We ensure to provide the technological products with the least budget. Wintek invests 3 million RMB into new tech development each year and employs the most skillful, experienced R&D team. Wintek keeps introducing 3-5 new products to this industry. We have been keeping our customers standing out from the market and bringing huge benefits as the pioneer.

Application of Ventilation Fans

Laundry Room
Living Room

How to choose a bathroom fan

1. Installing ways.

There are several ways to install bathroom fans. They are ceiling-mount, window-mount and wall-mount. Normally in NA, people choose the ceiling mount, for more sufficient and more decorative. Wintek bath fan is no cut style, and easier to install. 

2. Housing size. 

Usually, bath fans could be divided into two, slim housing and tall housing. The bigger housing it is, the quieter it is, but it is more expensive. On the one hand, taking more CBM in shipping, a model with big housing has a loading quantity much less than another. It causes the shipping cost up. On the other hand, it takes more raw material, making itself cost more. The slim housing models, also called low-profiled, have a higher cost-effective rate and tend to be popular in the market. Wintek manufactures three housings, two slim and one tall, to meet different requirements of customers. 

3. Performance. 

There are two code points to estimate the performance of bathroom fans. The first is the airflow. Normally, the airflow is calculated by CFM. The qualified models could provide the airflow as the manufacturer told steadily. You should be careful that some manufacturers may tell the wrong CFM for promotion. The second is the noise level, which is shown by Sones. One good model could operate silently and have small sones. It is uncomfortable to take a bath in a noisy environment. A silent model can attract more consumers and make you more competitive. 

4. Wholesale price.

There are different factors influencing the price, but the following factors are the most. First, the material. Most models use metal housing while some use plastic. The metal one is much safer and more durable than the latter. Secondly, the functions. Nowadays, a bathroom fan is only used for ventilation, but also for others. They can add LED lighting, motion sensor, humidity sensor, Bluetooth music playing, etc. The better functions they have, the more expensive they are. 

5. Certificates.

ETL or UL certificate is necessary for the NA market. And Energy Star and HVI do good promotions. The ETL/UL is a key certificate to sell electric products in NA officially. In order not to get a sue from your customers, before doing wholesale for bathroom fans, you had better confirm if the product is ETL/UL listed on the official website. The HVI certificate, or Home Ventilation Institute, has been tested and certified to meet specific industry standards. It is widely recognized by contractors. The Energy Star certificate is a test for the energy consumption rate. 


1. Do you deliver to North America?

Yes. NA is our major market. Our products have ETL certifications to enter Canadian and US markets. 

2. How much CFM should I need?

Our products cover 50CFM to 130CFM. 90CFM and 110CFM are the most inquiry. 

3. Do you have grilles to choose from?

Yes. We develop new grille designs constantly, but they may be not updated on our website in time. Please contact our sale team to know about that. 

4. What is your MOQ?

Our MOQ is 1000pcs or one 20GP. 

5. Can I see your inner factory online?

Sure, you can see our inner factory by VR online. Please find the “VR viewing factory” at “About us”.

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