5 Points To Pay Attention To When Buying a Bathroom Fan

For those of you who enjoy a long bath, your bathroom is like a spa. But did you know that the steam and moisture from these showers can seriously damage your air quality? Yes, unless you have a bathroom fan installed
Bathroom fans are generally wall or ceiling fans, which are mainly used to increase ventilation, improve air flow and reduce excessive humidity. Technically, these systems remove warm moisture from the bathroom and drain it out through the family's plumbing system.
Using a good fan helps to prevent mildew, maintain indoor air quality and make you safe and comfortable. But when buying bathroom fans, please pay attention to the following five points.
Bathroom fan size
Choosing the right size fan for the bathroom space ensures that you get the right amount of ventilation in the space. The size and rating of bathroom exhaust fans depend on their ability to move air in cubic feet per minute (CFM).
Of course, smaller fans produce less CFM, which is very suitable for smaller bathrooms. The bathroom fan with higher CFM has better effect in larger bathroom.
The home ventilation Institute (HVI), an organization that certifies the performance and efficiency of home ventilation products, recommends that this guide be used to determine the size of bathroom fans.
If your bathroom has a standard ceiling height of 8 feet by 5 feet, perform the following formula to find the correct CFM.
For example: 320 cubic feet x 8 breaths per hour = 2560
2560 / 60 min = 42 CFM
The association also recommends an additional 50 CFM for each toilet and for each toilet and shower or bathtub combination.
Installation of bathroom fan
Most bathroom fans are ceiling mounted, but some models can also be wall mounted. The unit includes an integrated duct adapter that connects to your home duct system.
When you install the fan, you should exhaust the air outside the house through the piping system and the nearest spandrel instead of entering the attic. Discharging air into the attic will only transfer warm and humid air to other areas of the house, but there will still be moisture problems there.
When choosing a bathroom fan, first consider where to install the device: ceiling or wall. Then, choose a model with the right size of duct adapter (in inches) for your house.
Other considerations:
● Existing wiring: consider installing fan with lamp on existing lamps to simplify wiring and provide convenience.
● Safety rating of shower + bathtub fan: if the fan is installed on the shower / bathtub combination, make sure that the location has passed the safety certification (usually UL certification).
● Professional installation: for safety reasons, if you need help, consider hiring a technician to install the fan and / or electrician to perform the wiring requirements.
Today's bathroom ventilation fans have many functions, which help to make their operation more convenient and efficient.
(1) Integrated lighting: many models have integrated lighting, which can replace existing lamps or add auxiliary lighting. Some units even include night lights to provide soft lighting at night.
(2) Heater: if you live in a cold climate, the fan with built-in heater helps to add extra heat.
(3) Humidity + sensors: humidity and motion sensors improve the overall efficiency of the fan and help save energy. The humidity sensor monitors your bathroom and triggers the fan to turn on when the humidity exceeds a certain level, and then turns off when the humidity decreases. The sensor can detect when someone enters the restroom and only turn on the fan or light.
(4) Controls: fans with multiple features usually have separate controls for each feature, or you can choose to use them all together. Of course, you will also have a separate wall switch to easily control these functions.
Noise level
A bathroom fan that sounds like a jet engine can damage the quiet escape of your bathroom. So when buying a fan, you may also need to consider the noise level and choose a quiet model.
The sound of the bathtub fan is measured in tones. Sones is a measure of sound, because it is related to the feelings of ordinary listeners. A person's voice is roughly equivalent to the quiet hum of a refrigerator in a quiet kitchen. Two tones will double the sound, and so on.
If you are looking for a quiet bathroom fan, please choose the model with rated power below 2. Fans rated for three and four tones produce more white noise. Therefore, please avoid fans with a rating of 5 times or more.
When buying any household appliance or system, efficiency is the first priority. Fortunately, our exhaust fans are more efficient.
In particular, the energy consumption of Wintek bathroom fan is 50% less than that of traditional bathroom fan. This will undoubtedly help to reduce energy costs. They also meet the requirements of low acoustic emission, low power consumption and strong and effective performance under static pressure.
Choose a Wintek bathroom exhaust fan to maximize your energy costs. You may also need to purchase fans with motion and / or humidity sensors to help ensure that the fans only operate when needed.
In short, when buying a bathroom fan, you first need to consider the size of the space, and then consider other functions such as lighting, heat and sensors that automatically start the fan. Finally, since there may be a big difference, consider the sound level you can tolerate. Buy a good bathroom fan to make your air more fresh and comfortable.
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