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What products we supply.

Guangdong Wintek is a manufacturer of bathroom exhaust fan in China with over 20-year history. North America (USA and Canada) is our largest market. At present, we have maintained cooperation with several American bathroom fan giant brands. BPT13B and BPT15A are our main products. Both have been certified by ETL, HVI and energy star and can be legally sold in the United States and Canada.


BPT13B is our economical product. It has slim housing, 1600pcs for 20GP and 3800pcs for 40HQ. It has beautiful design and conforms to the public aesthetics of North American residents. The galvanized box has good metal luster and corrosion resistance. Multiple panels can be selected, including ABS panel, LED lighting panel, circular panel, etc. 

Affordable in price, it is very suitable for groups with low and medium consumption. Although the housing is small, its maximum airflow can reach 110CFM, and the noise is also maintained at a relatively low level. The overall performance is no worse than the basic models of giant brands.

Generally speaking, this product is very suitable for electrical appliance stores to expand their ventilator business. Since 2022, the orders for this product have gradually increased, especially in the Canadian market, which shows that customers love and are satisfied with it.

BPT15A is our upgraded product. The housing is larger than that of BPT13B. It used the standard materials for the North American market with electophoretic coating. Its look refers to the design of Panasonic. The panel has ABS panel and LED lighting panel for option. The color temperature of LED lamp can be controlled and operated independently with fan, which can create a comfortable bathing environment for users.


It has greatly improved in performance and function. In terms of performance, it can achieve < 1 sones under 90 CFM, and 0.6 sones under 70 CFM. It is the only one that have such performance among supplier in China. Functionally, two of the latest technologies have been put into production.


First, humidity sensor and human body sensor. At present, there are customers in North America.


Second, carry speed adjustment. It can adjust the speed like Panasonic.


This product is suitable for builders, electrical stores, importers, etc. It is sold in combination with bpt13b high and low gear products.

What advantage we have

Choose Wintek, you don't have to worry about the same model as other giants. Other Chinese suppliers often sell you products same with his major customers, but this will easily lead to legal disputes and mislead consumers, which is harmful to your long-term development. But we can help you solve such difficulties. We can solve such troubles by designing new panels independently and avoiding the same models of customers.

Our products are certified by ETL, HVI and energy star and can be legally sold in the United States and Canada. We are one of the few Chinese bathroom manufacturers having these certifications. If you need a supplier which is high quality but not well-known, we are your best choice.

As an expert, we have been devoting on bathroom fan for over 20 years and insist on technological innovation. All the functions of our products are unique and advanced in the market, which can not be done by other Chinese suppliers. We are a rapidly growing brand and will become one high-tech in the future. Even if there is no profit, we hope to help customers develop new product market. 

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