Bathroom New Fashion-Wintek Bluetooth Exhaust Fan

With the continuous pursuit of higher quality home experience, bathroom decoration has also blown up a new fashion.One of the fastest ways to modernize your bathroom is to add a fan with a Bluetooth speaker. These fans can play music or even provide ambiance, bring you endless fun. So consider what you want it to be able to do before you make a purchase.

What is Bluetooth exhaust fan?

The main function of a Bluetooth exhaust fan is ventilation. An exhaust fan is a fan that is used to control the interior environment by venting out unneeded odors, particulates, smoke, moisture, and other contaminants present in the air. 

The biggest difference between a Bluetooth exhaust fan and a traditional exhaust fan is its Bluetooth function. It has a built-in Bluetooth speaker. Users only need to connect to a mobile device through Bluetooth, click to play their favorite songs, and can happily listen to music, bathe and make-up. Happiness is so simple.

But maybe many people will have the idea that bringing mobile devices into the bathroom to listen to music, so they don't have to replace the exhaust fan. As a new favorite of new fashion, it has a unique value.

Why Bluetooth exhaust fan?

  · The user experience is more comfortable. 

Music is streamed from the top of your head, with a 3D surround, and the auditory effect is fuller so that you can bathe in the most comfortable state and fully release the pressure. In addition to music, you can also listen to the radio, e-books, and even dramas through the glass door. Some exhaust fans are also equipped with the function of LED lights, making the user experience richer and deeper.
  · Installation and operation are very simple.

The mainstream Bluetooth exhaust fan can be installed within 10 minutes. Meanwhile, only need to connect Bluetooth for the first time, then, as long as the Bluetooth switch is turned on, you can automatically connect when entering the bathroom area. Users can play directly, which is simple and fast.
   · Protect mobile devices

When the equipment is brought into the bathroom, the humid moisture can easily enter the mobile phone, which greatly reduces their life. However, the Bluetooth exhaust fan is connected through long-distance Bluetooth. Users only need to put it outside the bathroom covered the Bluetooth. Which is more important, a cheap Bluetooth exhaust fan or an expensive mobile phone?
   · Save space and keep the bathroom simple.

The Bluetooth exhaust fan combines the exhaust fan and Bluetooth player. Users do not need to bring other player into the bathroom, which does harm to the overall beauty.
When should you replace a bathroom exhaust fan?

If your bathroom exhaust fan starts to get noisy and your mirrors are filled with condensation, it is time to replace it with a newer mode

How to select Bluetooth exhaust fan?

Considering the price, performance, durability, applicability, Bluetooth sound effect and other factors, I have selected the most representative products in the market and listed their advantages for readers' reference, among which Wintek is my first choice.

Wintek Bluetooth Speaker Exhaust Fan

Wintek Bluetooth Speaker Exhaust Fan

·High cost-effective
·Dual High-Fidelity Speaker  
·Longer life operation
·IOS, Android support
·With dampers to prevent insects in
·Easy to install on wall and windows

Broan Nutone SPK110 Sensonic

Broan Nutone SPK110 Sensonic

· Dual High-Fidelity Sensonic Speaker


·Corrosion resistant


Wintek Bluetooth Speaker Exhaust Fan is the latest product launched by Wintek. Compared with other brands, on the premise of the same excellent Bluetooth Speaker, it has higher cost-effectiveness and more applicable places for installation. Customers who intend to upgrade and replace the window fan at home or carry it with a small budget deserve consideration. You can click below to communicate directly with Wintek staff, who will serve you in a timely and sincere. In addition, other Bluetooth products of Wintek will be launched one after another. You are also welcome to consult. Thank you.
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