The 7 Best Designs for Bath Exhaust Fans and Air Purifier of 2022

Best Overall Exhaust fan design:

A 'sanity saver' by homeowners fed up with noisy bathroom exhaust fans.
Best Budget Exhaust fan
WINTEK Small Ventilation Fan

This fan can blast odors and increase circulation without blowing your budget but is best for smaller bathrooms.
Best Bath Fan with Light
Full plastic ventilation fan with LED light, night light

This unit offers abundant air movement and a soft LED light that can be wired to turn on separately or together with the fan.
Best fan with Humidity Sensor and LED Light
WINTEK multi Function window ventilation Fan

Program it to kick on when the room surpasses a preset humidity threshold.
Best Air Purifier function

WINTEK Air purifier blit in with UV antivirus and anti-microbial

This combo model includes an exhaust fan, an onboard filter, and light.

Best Design window fan with Bluetooth speaker
4'' Small Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Looks beautiful and could easily be mistaken for a Bluetooth speaker

Best Quiet Exhaust fan with light
WINTEK Whisper Ceiling DC/ AC Fan with integrated LED

This is one of the quietest bathroom exhaust fans on the market and is rated for bathrooms up to 110 square feet.
What to Look for in a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Local Building Codes
Your local building codes may mandate that all bathrooms must have an exhaust fan, and may also require fans to meet a certain minimum exhaust capacity as well as other requirements. It’s important to check with your local permitting department. 

Bathroom Size
It’s important to pick an exhaust fan that correlates to the size of your bathroom. A fan that’s too small won’t be effective, but a fan that’s too powerful might create unpleasant drafts. In some cases, a second fan might be recommended. 

Sound Ratings
The lower the sound rating, the quieter the fan. If you only plan to switch on the fan after taking a quick shower, the noise level of the fan may not be important to you. However, if you want to run your exhaust fan while taking a relaxing bath, look for a fan with a rating of 1.0 or less. 

Most exhaust fans have a simple and discrete grate, but others have more elaborate or noticeable designs. You may want to find one that fits the style of your bathroom.

Some bathroom exhaust fans offer several additional functions in addition to venting if you’re willing to spend more. You can find fans that also function as lights, heaters, or even have built-in Bluetooth speakers. Some also feature automatic humidity sensors.
Why Trust WINTEK’s Ventilation products?

1. A reliable Exhaust fans Factory specialize in the Ventilation industry for more than 20 years, which can support customers to do the OEM,ODM,OBM,IDM as one of the best choices to be your exhaust fan supplier. 

2.Good product design, each product category has a comprehensive product line.

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4.Cost performance, under the same product, product stability, and the price has advantages over peers.

5.Timely customer service, customers provide professional and all-round services from inquiries to product after-sales, the product certification is complete, and the factory audit meets the requirements. 
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