What are tips to get domestic exhaust fan?

Most of the contemporary new homes are quite insulated and basically air tight. While this is incredible when it comes to cost-efficient energy bills, the drawback to the tightly insulated homes is inferior indoor air quality. 

As doors and windows are generally kept shut throughout the day, stale air, moisture that carries pathogens and pollutants circulate within homes and give rise to different problems, including mildew, and mold, health issues, damaged furniture, peeling paint etc. That is why it is vital that you take every step to enhance the quality of your indoor air, which can be accomplished through mechanical ventilation. 

A good way to ventilate your home comprehensively, effectively, and affordably is to install exhaust fans in your home. This post explains what exhaust fans are, their different types, how to choose the best one for your home and also the advantages of exhaust fans.   

What are exhaust fans?

An exhaust fan is mechanical ventilation equipment that assists to draw out the impure and stale air from your home and bring in the fresh air, thereby enhancing the quality of indoor air. Exhaust fans are generally ducted to the exteriors of the house, through which the bad quality indoor air can efficiently be removed from your living area. 

Different types of exhaust fans

Exhaust fans are categorized into different types, mainly depending on the mount type and location where you have to install the fans. The different types are:

1.Wall mounted exhaust fans: These exhaust fans are installed on the walls. As they are installed on the exterior walls of the home and not on the interior walls, the stale air has a direct route to the outside of the home and hence no ductwork is necessary for installing these exhaust fans. 

2.Inline Exhaust Fans: Inline exhaust fans are generally mounted between ducting; hence the name of the inline fan came into being. For example, if you want to ventilate an area that didn’t have space or clearance for a ceiling fan, you have to utilize inline exhaust fans to ventilate such areas. The exhaust fan would be placed between the ductwork and stale air will travel through the ducts and eventually be removed from your home. 

Advantages of Exhaust fans

Exhaust fans are quite efficient in ventilating your home and other living areas. Without proper ventilation, the air within your home may get filled with dangerous pollutants and disease causing pathogens. 

Contaminants like harmful gases, pesticides, smoke, pet dander, dust mites, lead, paint fumes, grease etc get released into indoor air due to regular activities like smoking, cooking, burning fuel, renovation, bathing etc. Along with these contaminants, activities like washing, cooking and bathing also release extra moisture in the air and make indoor air quite humid. If not ventilated properly, these added contaminants and enhanced moisture levels can lessen the quality of indoor air tremendously, thereby leading to various health issues. 

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