The most Complete Guidance for Kitchen Exhaust Fan-From selection to installation

  The kitchen should be the worst place in the family. The kitchen exhaust fan solves the troubles for housewives who face the dirty air in the kitchen all day and has become a good helper for housewives. The kitchen often breeds some bacteria in the air due to the smell of cooking fume and leftovers, which makes the kitchen air dirty. At this time, the kitchen exhaust fan plays a great role. It can improve the air quality of the kitchen and protect the health of the family. Next, we will prepare the most comprehensive kitchen purchase guide for you, hoping to help you.

Why does the kitchen need to install an exhaust fan?

  When a range hood has been installed in the kitchen, it can be considered not to install a ventilator. However, if the ventilator is installed, there are many benefits. The fried oil fume is large, and the ventilation effect of the ventilator is better. When boiling soup and water, you can not turn on the range hood, just turn on the ventilator to remove water vapor, which is convenient and energy-saving.

Factors to keep in mind when buy the best kitchen exhaust fan

Capacity – As is known, every kitchen requires needs a certain amount of airflow for proper ventilation. The airflow in an exhaust fan for a kitchen is usually measured in CFM or cubic meter per hour. The diameter of the fan blade is normally seen as 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm. While small exhaust fans have a CFM airflow ranging between 30 to 50, larger models provide a CFM airflow anywhere between 200-300. So, based on the size of your kitchen, choose an exhaust fan that will ensure thorough ventilation.

Kitchen size – The size of your kitchen exhaust fan is important because it depends on the location you intend on placing it and the size of your kitchen. A small kitchen fan won’t be very useful in a moderately big kitchen and vice-e-versa, so remember to consider this factor too. 

Noise level –The loudness of a kitchen exhaust fan is measured in sones. A fan that measures 2 sones or less, is considered ideal as it is going to be quiet. Similarly, a fan that measures 4 sones is considered loud. The price of an exhaust fan also depends on the total sones generated by a fan. Thus, the lower the sones, the more will be the price.

Energy EfficiencySome exhaust fans can end up increasing your electricity bill if you’re not careful and so if you’re quite keen on cutting down on your energy costs, you should keep an eye out for an exhaust fan that’s energy saving/efficient.

Vented or Duct-free—The kitchen is hot and humid, heavy oil fume and poor air quality, so it is not suitable for ducted ceiling ventilator, but wall mounted or window ventilator can be selected. Especially , the louver ventilator, not only has the function of exhaust fan, but also can blow fresh air into the room, and has filtering requirements in the fresh air part, with good air circulation

Best Suggestion for Kitchen Exhaust Fan 

1.Broan-NuTone 509 Through-the-Wall Ventilation Fan

  • EFFICIENT: Operates on 180 CFM and has a 7.5 Sone rating that is powerful enough for rooms (including bathroom) up to 170 sq. ft.
  • DECORATIVE: Paintable polymeric grilles allow you to ensure the fan is cohesive with your existing decor. 
  • FEATURES: Built-in damper minimizes backdrafts for energy efficiency and specially designed polymeric fan blade for optimal performance

2.Xpelair 93224AW 4-Inch Wall/Ceiling Extractor Fan

  • 4"/100mm traditional round grill style extractor fan
  • Single speed setting and operated by a remote switch, usually a lighting circuit
  • Part F Building Rags compliant, IPX4 Rated
  • Can be wall or ceiling mounted and suitable for bathroom zone 1 or zone 2 installation
  • Finished in cool white corrosion free ABS plastic

3.Wintek Window Mounted Ventilating Fan APC-B3

Please Click the Title to Watch Video.
1.BROAD APPLICABILYTY: Continuous or periodic exhaust ventilation of bathroom, showers, kitchens and other utility spaces. For mounting in windows.
2.CREATIVE DESIGN: Specially designed impeller aerodynamic profile provides high air flow and low noise.
3.QUALITY MATERIALS: Casing and impeller made of high-quality and durable UV-resistant plastic, The motor rests on rubber anti-vibration connectors to ensure low-noise operation of the fan.
4.MOUNTING FEATURES: Installation directly inside a ventilation shaft. Flexible air ducts may be used in case of remote location of the ventilation shaft. Connection of the air duct to the exhaust flange with a clamp.


The kitchen exhaust fan is an important ventilation product in the kitchen. When you purchase an Exhaust fan, you should mainly consider about its capacity, kitchen size, noise level, energy efficiency, vented or duct-free. The above three products are selected from thousands of products for your reference, which avoids you from spending too much energy on comparison. For more information about Wintek products, please click the contact button below the products. At the same time, you are welcome to subscribe to our official SNS account for more information. I wish you live with fresh air every day.

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